THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Big news for gents: Chanel pulls out all the stops for its first new men’s cologne in six years. Story by Anne Pringle.

Chanel + Scorsese
Chanel is launching a new men’s fragrance this fall—Bleu de Chanel—which will be the brand’s first new men’s cologne since 2004. The face is Gaspard Ulliel, the sexy French actor, and the woody scent itself is designed by famous nose Jacques Polge. Bleu de Chanel will launch this fall, accompanied by an advertising film directed by Martin Scorsese. In other Scorsese news, the director recently confirmed that he will helm Sinatra, a film about the legendary  singer and actor. (WWD)

Big, shiny fashion app
A new fashion app gives you access to eBay’s Marketplace—with over 20 million fashion retail items at your fingertips, you can not only browse, but virtually try on and buy products at any time, and from anywhere with service. eBay expects to double its fashion merchandise sales this year (to $1.5 billion), but what will this mean for real-life stores? (WWD)

Signature scam
Last week, George Clooney braved adoring fans to testify in the fraud trial of a fashion label. The brand, named “GC Exclusive”, was advertised as being officially endorsed by the actor, even going so far as to falsely use Clooney’s signature. The three GC creators are accused of forgery, fraud and receiving stolen goods. The trial continues. (Vogue UK)

Nude in Nebraska
The State of Nebraska is deciding whether or not to press obscenity charges against Hannah’s Treasures, a shop in Beatrice, after a nude mannequin in the window prompted complaints from residents. (The mannequin’s pants had fallen down around her ankles.) Beatrice police taped paper over the window until store owner Kevin Kramer came up with his solution: He dressed the mannequin in a sparkly bikini, then threatened a lawsuit against the police for “trespassing, destruction of property and littering.” Yikes. (Styleite)