THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Now that‘s a forever kind of love: Manolo’s Mary Janes. Story by Anne Pringle.

Manolo on marriage
If your relationship is struggling, perhaps you have been looking in the wrong place for advice. According to Manolo Blahnik, the key to a happy marriage could very well be as simple as owning a pair of his shoes. He goes so far as to claim that his designs have saved couples from marital trouble, and it’s all about making the woman look and feel sexy. As Blahnik put it, “The first thing men look at are a women’s legs. And there is nothing more flattering than high heels.” (Vogue UK)

Fashion Theft
US Airways lost the luggage belonging to Giorgio Gucci on a flight from Madrid to Philadelphia earlier this week—but this wasn’t just your run-of-the-mill suitcase. He is the grandson of Guccio, founder of the House of Gucci in 1905, and reportedly lost over $50,000 worth of vintage Gucci bags. The luggage contained everything from handmade bags (one by his grandfather) to custom-made clothing to hundreds of priceless family photos, all of which were to be part of a documentary being made about his life. The fashion heir was on his way to Capitol Hill to give a speech against counterfeit goods. Watch out: The “counterfeit” Guccis being sold on the street corners of Philly might not be replicas after all… (NY Post)

Disney’s Givenchy
Givenchy has announced that it will open its first-ever American store… in the faux “France” section of Disney World’s Epcot Centre. This has caught many people in the fashion world by surprise—that a high-end exclusive designer label would want to open any store (let alone their first in the country!) in such a public, kitschy place. Although it does give Disney’s French pavilion a certain amount of authenticity. Plus, who wouldn’t want to browse Givenchy’s perfume boutqiue after riding Space Mountain? (Bella Sugar)