TALK TO ME: Nathalie Atkinson, part II

Illustration by Ayalah Hutchins.

This is the second part of The Style Notebook’s conversation with Nathalie Atkinson. You can read the first part here.

Do you have a favourite fashion memory?

“Age 3, before starting junior kindergarten, I had to get inoculations at the local health unit and be ‘evaluated for readiness’ for school. I was scared, but my parents promised me a treat if I could be a big girl and not cry–anything I wanted. I chose clothes (to which, when my mother tells the story, and that’s often, she now meaningfully adds: ‘Of course’). Not a tear was shed, and immediately afterwards we went straight to Kay’s Tot & Teen, the kids clothing store in town. I remember the outfit perfectly: an apple-green gingham sundress, smocked and covered in tiny appliqué red felt cherries, with a matching kerchief. Truth be told I somehow managed to finagle two dresses out of my mother that day! She still has them.” Continue reading


Interview by Marq Frerichs. Photograph courtesy of George Pimentel.

The hardest part of interviewing a stylish man is getting a hold of him. This was the case with Marcello Cabezas, a man about town with whom you really want to talk to about fashion. We touched base at the Greta Constantine show, came close last Tuesday, and missed again at the Penicullus Bellum show. Finally, we sat down at the private dining room at the Spoke Club.

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TALK TO ME: Nathalie Atkinson, part I

Illustration by Ayalah Hutchins.

Nathalie Atkinson is the style columnist for the National Post, and writes about arts, culture and fashion for many magazines, including ELLE Canada. She’s smart, tough, opinionated, and can always be counted on to elevate the dialogue in an industry that is too easily dismissed as being silly or frivolous. (She’s fun on Twitter too.) Put simply, Nathalie is one of the best we have. Recently, she answered The Style Notebook’s weekly “Talk to Me” questionnaire.

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Interview by Marq Frerichs.

Last week, I called Philip Sparks to congratulate him on his Fall 2010 collection and to ask him a few questions from the Style Notebook questionnaire. I found him affable and funny, a quick wit with his feet planted on the ground. What am I excited about from Sparks? He hinted at a holiday footwear collection…have a read.

What was the first piece you designed in this collection?

“The pea coat.”

How do you know when you’re finished a collection?

“I run out of time and or money. However I’m also working on a ‘holiday’ collection, so fall/winter will come out in two parts.”

What are the top three items on your inspiration board?

“Melville’s Moby Dick, 16th-century maps with sea creatures and Edwardian naval books, and pictures of boats.”

Did you have a muse or person in mind when designing this collection?

“My partner, Andrew, and those I collaborated with in the studio.”

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