THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Cult fashion favourite Anna Dello Russo, the fashion director of Vogue Nippon, gets (even more) creative for Lane Crawford. Story by Anne Pringle.

Celebrate with fashion
Lane Crawford, Hong Kong’s high fashion retailer, will celebrate its upcoming 160th anniversary with several exciting events and special products, including the customization of two heritage pieces: the Burberry trenchcoat and the Ming dynasty chair. Among the fashion influences creating their own custom pieces are Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo and renowned stylist George Cortina. On top of all that, the resulting pieces will be auctioned off for a UNICEF building project, bringing education to 150 villages in China. (WWD)

M.A.C’s Rodarte controversy
Rodarte and M.A.C collaborated on a makeup line that is now the subject of serious criticism. The line was reportedly inspired by an impoverished factory town in Mexico, Juarez, which is sadly known for its high rape and murder rates. “We recognize that the violence against women taking place in Juarez needs to be met with proactive action. We never intended to make light of this serious issue and we are truly sorry,” the Mulleavey sisters of Rodarte recently said. The products, which come out this September, have since had their names changed. (WWD)

Bold brows
Do you want fuller, thicker eyebrows? Maybe you had an overplucking or waxing accident (we all know the hair never fully grows back properly), or maybe you just want to achieve a bold brow look. Well, this new invention is for you: It Cosemtics has just come out with the new Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil, which uses natural hair growth ingredients like nettle, horsetail and green tea extracts to actually help hairs grow back. (Style List)

Next-gen shopping
If window shopping seems like a bore, try the ultra-modern to pretend that you own clothing that you can’t afford—in a video game by Sugar Inc. The retail computer game’s object is to grow an empty store into a huge retailer, and offers merchandise from Diane von Furstenberg, TopShop, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin. Sounds like it could get addictive… (WWD)

THE BUY: May flowers

Story by Caitlin Agnew. Illustration of the Reality Bites cast (sans Ben Stiller) by Cleo Kendall.

The Buy is celebrating the arrival of May flowers with a look back to our favourite ’90s flower child: Winona Ryder as Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites. A hopelessly romantic Gen X-er, Lelaina chooses passion and poetry over Porsches and prosperity, all in the name of love and good conversation. (Who could forget “You, me, and five bucks?”)

This spring’s floral-print craze is a welcome throwback to mid-’90s hippie-chic, with delicate blossoms sprouting everywhere from Prada to Betsey Johnson. A patterned dress, an embellished shoe, even a lipstick case—adding a floral piece is an easy way to inject seasonal colour, femininity, and trendiness into your wardrobe.

We’ve chosen our top 10 floral pieces, all of which are blooming right here in Toronto.

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