THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Sofia Coppola’s latest Dior project is a family affair. Story by Anne Pringle.

Copppola + Dior, take 2
Famed director Sofia Coppola directed a noteworthy fragrance commercial for Dior a few years ago, which now looks like it won’t be her last. Coppola was spotted filming for Dior again in Paris a few weeks ago in the beautiful Parc Monceau. The film will feature Natalie Portman, who signed to be the face of Parfums Christian Dior last month, along with Coppola’s cousin Robert Schwaartzman, one of the stars of the director’s upcoming Somewhere, and half brother to Jason. Small world… big commercial. (Fashionologie)

The sweet scent of Nine West
Nine West is known for quickly translating runway styles into affordable handbags, footwear and accessories, which is a good sign for things to come: They’ve just inked a deal with the Jones Apparel Group to create a line of fragrances. The brand’s CEO Richard Dickson said, “Like the perfect pair of shoes, a woman’s fragrance is the sensual completion to her look by providing an inviting and intimate expression of her directly.” Sounds (and smells) good to us! (Style List)

Naomi Watts amps up Ann Taylor
We told you about Ann Taylor’s successful start to a brand re-vamp—remember that white lace dress Milla Jovovich modeled that was going for three times its price on eBay? Well, the brand isn’t stopping there: They’ve  hired big celeb name Naomi Watts for their Fall 2010 campaign, which will be shot by big fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh and break in all the major September issues (think ELLE, Glamour, Vogue…) (WWD)

Kate’s evil spirits
Kate Moss has reportedly hired an exorcist to perform a ceremony in her London home in an attempt to rid it of so-called “evil spirits”. Perhaps her recent run of bad luck has something to do with the haunting suspicions: Her home was robbed in May (the thief stole a valuable piece of Bansky artwork), followed only days later by a sewage flood that caused the supermodel over $160,000 in damage. Even a skeptic might give exorcism a try after that headache! (Vogue UK)