THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

The many faces of Kate. Story by Anne Pringle.

Moss + Green 2.0?
Kate Moss is reportedly teaming up with Chloe Green, daughter to Philip Green, British billionaire and owner of some of the UK’s largest retailers, including Topshop. The 19-year-old heiress claimed that she and Moss “talked about doing something together in the spring, collaborating on a collection.” Chloe said Moss has offered her good advice on the retail and design business, and thinks a collab would work because “[Kate] is really really into vintage and I love clothes that are a bit modern, so I think it will be an interesting mix.” (Vogue UK)

Oscar de la Renta’s new hires
Oscar de la Renta is in the process of revamping its footwear department, something the brand hopes will become a $50-million entity in under five years. They’ve started with two exceptional new hires: Annelie Hofstrom as executive vice president and Alexia Aubert as director of footwear design. Both have impressive resumes: Hofstrom spent over a decade at Manolo Blahnik and Aubert has designed for Pierre Hardy and Christian Louboutin. Can’t wait to see what those two minds come up with as the new and improved de la Renta footwear! (WWD)

Burberry lawsuit
On Friday, Burberry filed a lawsuit against cell phone case maker Body Glove, alleging that they ripped off their pink tartan design (which is copyrighted!). The “copied” cell phone case design is so popular that it has sold out in many AT&T stores. In their defense, Body Glove didn’t try to market it as a “Burberry” phone case, but the check pattern does look a little too familiar. If found guilty, the phone company will have to halt productions of the cases and cover the design house’s legal bills. (She Finds via NY Mag)

Understocked Vuitton
File it under problems most fashion companies dream of: Louis Vuitton is reportedly having trouble keeping up with customer’s demands, which is leading to concerns about whether they will have sufficient stock for the holiday season. According to financial analysis, the brand simply wasn’t prepared for an estimated 20 percent growth in sales this year alone. Chanel encountered a similar dilemma, which may explain why the price of its signature bag has gone up 20 percent. Vuitton’s answer to the under-stocked problem? Closing the doors to their Paris stores an hour earlier than usual in attempt to sell fewer products. The fashion house hopes to resume normal operating hours next month.  (Vogue UK)

THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Fashion fan Daphne Guinness in a new beauty collab. Story by Anne Pringle.

Famous face
Irish heiress and fashion aficionado Daphne Guinness has signed on to star in the NARS Fall 2010 makeup campaign. Guinness and François Nars are longtime friends and have collaborated artistically before: on a photography project last fall. The makeup line will feature a royal purple eye shadow named for Guinness. It all kicks off July 15 at (WWD)

Couture clutch
Oscar de la Renta has joined Louis Vuitton and Gucci by jumping on the high-tech design wagon: The brand  just released its own line of iPad cases. The limited edition iPad clutches are now available in red, white, yellow and grey at (WWD)

Posh drive
Victoria Beckham has made a few attempts to produce her own designs, with mostly lukewarm responses. Maybe luxury items will be more her forte (she of all people knows luxury). Beckham was just named a creative design executive at Range Rover, with her first project being a special edition Range Rover Evoque model. Seems celeb status is all you need for a design permit in… just about anything. (WWD)

New direction
Massimiliano Giornetti has been appointed the new creative director of all fields at Salvatore Ferragamo, where he has worked for 10 years. Giornetti recently told British Vogue that felt like he grew up in the company, as he began as an assistant to the knitwear designer in menswear, and ended up as director of menswear. Sounds like the right person for the job. (Vogue UK)

PLUS: After photos surface of curvy model Crystal Renn looking “shocking svelte,” Renn’s agent tells Fashionisa that she is “still a size 10.” Check out the photos—what do you think? (Fashionista)

THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Story by Anne Pringle.

Lash boost

Lash-boosting formulas are all the rage—who wouldn’t be intrigued by the idea of thick, full lashes that you grow yourself? But you may want to do some more research before jumping on the bandwagon. Rare side effects can include permanent eye colour change and eye-area discoloration. (New York Times)

Model tone

Forty-one year old supermodel Helena Christensen recently posed nude for Reebok’s new EasyTone trainers (and couldn’t have looked more toned). The miracle sneakers claim to tone key leg muscles while you walk—Christensen claims she is a fan of the shoes out of laziness. I am usually doubtful of that which seems too easy, but the ex-NASA designer involvement definitely boosts their legitimacy. Plus, they go for only about $100. (Vogue UK)

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