THE BITE: An amuse-bouche of fashion news

Milla Jovovich on the set of the Spring 2010 Ann Taylor campaign. Story by Anne Pringle.

Brand makeover

Ann Taylor, the womenswear label, used to conjure up images of awful matching sweater sets à la ’90s housewife, but a recent brand makeover is shaking things up. Milla Jovovich starred in the spring campaign sporting a pretty lace dress (above), which sold out two days after its release! The dress is now selling for double its original price on eBay. (Fashionista)

False advertising

American Apparel has maintained its relaxed, hipster feel with their so-called “non-model policy” in advertisements. For years the company has claimed its ads feature regular people or store employees without professional makeup, styling or airbrushing. Turns out this may all have been a clever advertising façade—it’s recently been leaked that at least some of the women are professional models represented by agencies. Not that there’s anything wrong with using models to sell stuff— just don’t tell the world that these are what “regular” people look like. (NY Mag)

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