THE BOULEVARDIER: Monkey moments

Photograph by Giovanna Castiglione.

You know that things have changed in your life when you find yourself being groomed by that special someone. Yeah, that National Geographic-Mutual of Omaha-BBC guy with the Shakespearean voice monkey moment.

Snow drifts down over the natural hot springs, steam rises along the ice-crusted water’s edge, and the camera pulls back to show two Japanese snow monkeys. Gently, one strokes and grooms the other. The voice says: “The female grooms the male as a form of contact and bonding; these physical manifestations solidify their relationship.”

Watching that, I found myself thinking about male grooming. In fact, I found myself wandering through the pharmacy looking for a puff pad. Seriously. Just a quick word to big advertising: Men don’t want to purchase anything with the words “puff” or “pad” on them unless they are prefaced, respectively, with “cream” or “brake.” Anyway, a puff pad is a handheld exfoliating scrubby device not for your dishes, but for your visage.

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THE BOULEVARDIER: Centre stage at [FAT]

Story by Marq Frerichs, our Boulevardier columnist, who is also a professional dancer. Last week at [FAT], Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week, Marq performed 3 Solos 1 Duet, a piece he choreographed on the theme of longing. Dancer Laura Ross and opera singer Sarah Hicks provided elegant support. Photography by Natalie Castellino.

Breezing through the stage doors last Tuesday to look at the space and talk tech with stage management, I fell right back into the rituals. I surveyed the lighting grid and checked the sight-lines. I jumped up and down on the stage to feel the ballon. I was wearing combat boots and the crashing noise echoed through the empty space. Imagine what it would sound like if I fell. Doesn’t matter how much I rehearse, I always fear that I’ll fall.

Wednesday morning and the first crisis of the day: What in God’s name will I wear? I tore through everything I own and nothing, nothing was right. Should it be casual or bespoke, all black angst artsy or fashion forward kooky? What if Fashion Television wants that interview? Go with a jaunty scarf. Come afternoon, my nerves are on edge.

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